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Our free article rewriter is one of the best tools to help you enhance your writing. Using this free tool, you can rephrase any writing to deliver quality content. Our service ensures that the tone and style of your writing suit the content. All you have to do is paste your content and our tool will rephrase your article in no time.

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Is Our Tool the Best Article Rewriter?

Online Article Rewriter

Is Our Tool the Best Article Rewriter?

In today's fast-paced world, coming up with new ideas and regularly creating high-quality content is daunting. Isn't it? Really it is! A writer must invest plenty of time and effort to curate informative content that impresses readers. In this case, a content re-purposing strategy comes into action to turn existing content into a brand new one for later use. The harsh reality is manual rewriting requires abundant resources and more time.

Are you the one who spends too much time curating content to attain your academic or business goals? Then, keep your worries at bay! Henceforth, take advantage of Online article rewriter to optimize your content development process productively.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, our advanced online article rewriter tool is designed to assist you in revitalizing content and save your valuable time to focus on other significant tasks.

The Smarter You Think, The Lesser You Do!

World's No.1 Article Rewriter

Onlinearticlerewriter is a leading free article rewriter tool enriched with essential features to reword content in a blink of an eye. Trusted by millions of users around the world, our efficient tool has been ranked as the #1 online article rewriter on the internet as it fulfills the demands of content creators in a few mouse clicks. All you have to do is give your old content as input and hit on the 'Rewrite Article' button to get the rewritten content in a matter of seconds.

Built-In With Cutting-Edge Technology

Nowadays, tons of automation tools have been built for diverse fields to facilitate the routine tasks of mankind as much as possible. Similarly, our free article rewriter is strategically designed to spin, rewrite or rephrase a text and overcome the challenges of rewriting manually.

Built-In With Cutting-Edge Technology

Delivers Seemless Experience

Our genuine free article rewriter tool empowered by AI is pre-loaded with a vast set of synonyms to produce plagiarism-free content in no time. Furthermore, Online Article Rewriter performs semantic analysis to scan the text and advanced algorithms to produce plagiarism-free content.

Delivers Seemless Experience

How to Use the Online Article Rewriter to Generate Content?

Are you on the urge to create a large volume of content within a short period? Don't stress yourself! Online article rewriter comes in handy to help you out. Let us look at the simple steps that lead you to grab a 100% unique article in mere seconds.



Initially, visit Online Article Rewriter to begin the rewriting process.


Copy-paste the text you want to rewrite in the space provided. Else you can upload the file from your drive or device.


Click on the 'Rewrite Article’ button below the box and watch the space for the expected result.


You will see the rewritten article generated on the other side in no time.


Finally, you can make the changes as per your choice; else, use the rewritten content as it is.

Note: Our free article rewriter allows you to spin the article again if you need another version for the same context.

What Keeps Our Online Article Rewriter Different From Others?

Do you wonder why you should choose our well-thought-out rewriter tool though a plethora of article rewriter tools out there? Online article rewriter is considered one of the best article rewriter tools as it is packed with premium features and delivers duplication-free content. Now let us check out the distinct features of our free article rewriter tool.

No Limitations

There are no restrictions to creating content with our free article rewriter tool. This robust rewording tool allows users to spin an unlimited number of articles countless times back-to-back without any interruptions.


User-Friendly Interface

Generating an article on our instant rewriter website is easy peasy. With the simple interface of our free article rewriter tool, users can find the rewritten articles in a few clicks. From beginners to advanced users, this well-versed rewriter tool is beneficial for everyone to create content with no expert knowledge.


Extensive Library Of Synonyms

Our best article rewriter is incorporated with a list of all possible synonyms of the English language. Hence, this intelligent tool suggests suitable synonyms and spins almost every word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph to provide users with 100% unique and high-quality content.


In-Depth Analysis

Our content rephrasing tool developed with deep spinning technology performs comprehensive analysis and implements an incredible technique to bring out new content without altering the sense of the input. Moreover, once the spinning is over, the user can compare the original text with the rewritten text for better understanding.


Super-Fast & High-Accuracy

The main objective of offering an online article rewriter platform is to rephrase content as quickly as possible and ease the rewriting process like never before. Our high-performance tool is capable of paraphrasing even long-form articles at lightning speed. Moreover, the revitalized content assures human readability quality, so it is highly appropriate for readers and search engines.


100% Safe & Secure

If you are uploading a text that consists of confidential information, you need not worry about data protection. Our reliable rewriting software doesn't store any text that the user uploads or shares with other platforms. The content will disappear from the front-end and back-end whenever the paraphrasing is over. So, employ this article writer for your business or academics without hesitation.


Customization Feature

Our feasible free article rewriter works on context-based spinning and displays the result and better suggestions. So, you can change the rewritten content as per your choice and bring it to your style, like manual writing. After rewriting articles with this tool's help, you can either copy the final result or download text as a file in a single click.


Free Rewriting Tool

All the features of our Onlinearticlerewriter are entirely free to use. If you don't have enough budget or less time for content creation, then you should go with our free article rewriter online.

Then, what are you waiting for? Get ready to try out our best free article rewriter and save your time for other crucial tasks.


Plagiarism-Free Content

While curating content, plagiarism is the prominent factor that a writer should focus on. Our professional article rewriter has the ability to rewrite content while maintaining its unique standard. After spinning, it is advisable to check the final text with the top-rated online plagiarism detection software to ensure the absence of duplication.

On the other hand, you can utilize this free article rewriter tool to eradicate plagiarism from your old content and get the new version for further use.


Grammatically Perfect Content

Typically, an online article rewriter tool scans the context, search for the replacement across the web, and employs spinning techniques to bring the new version of it.

The revised or rephrased content will be free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, missing punctuations, imperfect tenses, etc. If you ever need to create error-free content, our article rewriter free in-built with the latest technology will be the right choice for you.


What Benefits Can You Reap From Our Online Article Rewriter?

From academic students, aspiring writers, bloggers, and freelancers to corporate executives, everyone needs informative content in this digital world. Whoever you are and whatever the content you need, our multi-purpose article rewriter free will get the job done for you. Are you interested to know the exciting benefits of using our Online article rewriter? Take a look below!

Content At Your Fingertips

Content At Your Fingertips

Do you find it challenging to create a pile of content in a shorter time? Then, automate your content rewriting process with our web-based article spinner tool. Merely give your previously written article and get back a unique one to comply with the time limit of your project. With this online article spinner, you can rejuvenate your old content materials from anywhere at any time at your convenience.

Get High-Grade Content

Get High-Grade Content

In order to create a great content piece, one has to do thorough research, write down word by word, combine the chunks, fix up the errors and proofread to ensure correctness. Do you think you don't possess the necessary skills to make good quality and compelling content? Then, implement our best article rewriter tool in your everyday life to meet your content needs in no time.

Manage Time & Cost

Manage Time & Cost

Are you struggling to cope with your content management tasks on the go? Instead of hiring manual writers who charge more, use our free article spinner to save ample time and money on recreating existing content.

Enhance Vocabulary Skills

Enhance Vocabulary Skills

You might have average vocabulary skills as a non-native English speaker/writer. Our free rewriting tool that operates on rephrasing technology has a database filled with synonyms to spin the article. While rewording your content with apt words, you get to know new words and their place of usage, thus improving your written communication skills.

Avail SEO Optimized Content

Avail SEO Optimized Content

While creating content for marketing purposes, optimizing it for SEO is essential. The content generated by our free article rewriter tool are polished and free from duplicacy. So, you can use the rewritten content straight away.

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What Do You Mean by an Article Rewriter and How Does It Help You?

Article rewriting is a process in which the words are swapped to compose a new piece of writing without changing its original structure and meaning. In simple terms, rewriting an article is just replacing the words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs to convey a topic differently.

And many people think that article rewriting is suitable only for marketers. No! Rewriting content is fruitful for students, teachers, marketers, bloggers, SEO professionals, webmasters, and so on.

Generally, you can rewrite an article in three different ways

  • Start writing from scratch on your own
  • Hire a content writer
  • Use the best article rewriter tool online

Among these three techniques, using a free article rewriter is a clever idea to rephrase content efficiently.

What Is Article Rewriter, and How Does It Work?

Article rewriter also referred to as article spinner, is a standalone website designed to create a unique version of content from an old piece of text by spinning words or phrases in it. A versatile content rewriter tool works on two different methods.

Gets input content from the user and automatically spins it to deliver a new version. Allows you to upload previously used content, scan the entire document and give the best synonyms suggestions so that you can set the content tone in your own way.

You can opt-out the best article writer for free when you have to

  • Reuse your old articles
  • Improvise your article
  • Modify plagiarised content
  • Create tons of content
  • Attain your writing goals within the budget
  • Complete a project in a shorter span

Article Rewriter is really a boon for mankind to fulfill rewriting needs with no sweat! Eager to fast-track your rewriting process with a dynamic tool? Onlinearticlerewriter, the one-click article writer, is ready to assist you!

All you need to do is submit the text and be prepared to collect compelling content in a flash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with our online article rewriter tool will make you come across a few queries. We have collected a few insights to help you get answers to all your basic queries. Check below to know them. Contact our support team for additional queries.

  • With the advancement of technology, several article rewriter tools are available in the market these days. But not all the article rewriter platforms will deliver the quality which Online article rewriter offers. You don't have to pay anything to use the features of this valuable free article rewriter tool.

  • Of course! You can make use of Onlinearticlerewriter to spin any kind of content you need. Some of the specific content that you can recreate with our rewriter tool are blogs, articles, websites, essays, research papers, news articles, social media posts, and much more.

  • The primary feature of Onlinearticlerewriter is its simple-to-use UI. You can rephrase any number of content without registering or signing up in our article rewriting platform. So, you don't need any requirements or expert knowledge to use this tool. Visit the website, copy-paste the text, and tap on 'Rewrite Article' to get the expected results.

  • There are no limitations to using this free article rewriter. So, you can spin articles as much as you want without restrictions. However, it is better to split the lengthy article into small content pieces and enter the short ones in the same way for the best results.

  • The best online rewriter tool like Onlinearticlerewriter generates content free from all kinds of errors such as spelling & grammatical mistakes and duplicate content. If you want to recheck and confirm its authenticity, utilize the grammar checker and plagiarism detection tool.

  • Obviously, yes! Most people think that using a paraphrase or rewriter tool is cheating. But it is legal to use such an intelligent tool for the right purpose but not against the terms.

Hear What Our Users Have to Say About the Online Article Rewriter

Want to join us? Our Online article rewriter tool has massive users who are still our loyal clientele. Read below to know more about their opinions on our tool.

As an internet marketer, I am supposed to create a wide range of unique content pieces. But unfortunately, I often fail to complete my writing and editing process on time in my busy schedule. Then I found the Online Article Rewriter content spinner tool, and now it has been helping me a lot to rewrite plagiarism-free articles. It is the best tool for content re-purposing!




Online Article Rewriter has dramatically increased my productivity with its powerful performance and instant results. I use this efficient tool to rewrite articles for content marketing and scale my business with less effort. Thanks for this online article spinner tool that assists me in accomplishing my career goals.




I have been using Online Article Rewriter for the past few months. The best thing that impressed me a lot is the text rewritten with this tool looks like a professional content writer has written it. Such an intelligent tool it is! Big thanks to the developers for creating this excellent tool.




I have used many article rewriters that are available online to ease my routine writing. However, after a few days, those tools wanted me to buy the premium version. I was totally disappointed! But then fortunately, I got to know about the free article rewriter by Online Article Rewriter, and now I'm using it for completing my project works. I would like to say that it is the best rewriter tool that I've used so far!




Being a freelancer, I need to produce bulk content daily. Before finding this intelligent tool, I was having trouble rewriting content manually. With Online Article Rewriter, now I'm creating and publishing more content on my digital platforms than before. Therefore, I highly recommend this rewriter tool to generate articles free from grammatical errors and plagiarism.